Kdenlive 19.12 - how to enable Hardware Encoding (NVENC)

Kdenlive is good but you have gpu acceleration with nvidia card kepler or better, you must to install default in Manjaro Kde * (no use .appimage). Now some effects are supported by gpu and dramatically shorten the export time.

Kdenlive 19.12 in Manjaro kde, install first time v19.08.3 - sudo pacman -S kdenlive

After update with 19.12: Click to update kdenlive-19.12.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

To work with nvidia nvenc, you must have Auto Install Proprietary Driver

How to Enable Hardware Encoding (NVENC).

(nvenc nvidia)
f=mp4 vcodec=nvenc_h264 vb=30000k acodec=aac ab=192k

Some tests nvenc encoding with nvidia card k2000m,gtx660,gtx1050ti, 1 min uhd to .mp4 h264 30mbps, *(tests color & fade corrections applied).
k2000m & i7-3840qm

gtx1050ti & i5-3470

gtx660 & i5-3470

Kdenlive 18 vs Kdenlive 19 test 4k

1 min uhd 10 bit exported h264 vbr 30 mbps.
The PC used is a Hp 6300 pro mt with i7 3770s processor, 16 Gb ram and 1050ti gtx video.

Kdenlive 18.08.3 - without corrections 47 sec, with corrections 2 min 37sec

Kdenlive 19.12 - without corrections 54 sec, with corrections 1 min 32sec

The corrections are just a test, those that are seen in images ie lift-range-gain and fade on video and sound.

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